thin, silver and perfect

ph: unkown

doesn't clothes and accessories look good on a tanned skin? everything does! 
current crush on this Larsson and Jennings watch.

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pearls and gold

ph: lookdepernille

main focus here is on that stunning gold pearl earring by Sophie Bille Brahe. and the girl? i'm going to talk about her in a new post, she deserves more words then just a few. ahh Pernille!

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pack your back

ph: google, streetpepper
 i always loved backpacks! just recently i sold my Alexander Wang backpack and suddenly i'm lacking one. Sure i have sporty ones but i just need that little bit of luxe touch to amp my game. i recently read that backpacks are back!? umm what, where did they go, people wear backpacks all the time. but i guess fashion people are a different crowd; if it's not in the current collections it's not IN.

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unusual jewels

pamela love five spike earrings; genevieve jones wishing safety pin earrings

I'm always into unusual jewelry and this will never stop. Pamela Love is no stranger to my jewelry box so these spikes came naturally to me. As for Genevieve Jones pin earrings they're just too cute to handle. Both pairs are wearable with almost everything, very light and they won't go unnoticed.

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girl crush

ph. unknown

a girl after my own taste. glamorous when she needs too. low key every other day. no make up. no fuss. emma leth.

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ph. unknown
a french way of dressing. and currently on my mind.

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leather skirt

ph. unkown

on my mind. leather skirt.

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